What To Expect When you Order Wedding Invitations!

Hey there! I'm sOoOooOOOooo glad you're interested in purchasing your wedding invitations with Tori Leigh Stationery. If you're still wondering if you should or not, here are some top reason:

  • Price! Check around - we're very competitively priced and have unmatched service and quality for the price
  • Sustainability! We are a carbon neutral company, use only 100% recycled papers, bamboo, and cannabis papers, and are plastic free. Learn about our nonprofit partners here
  • Gives back to the world! We donate 5% of all revenue to our five local nonprofit partners. The best part? YOU get to choose which nonprofit partner your order will benefit! Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here
  • Women entrepreneurs! See any art in our designs? Those are all created by women artists that we're friends with. Check out our amazing artist partners here

Since I know you're just totally sold now, here's what to expect when you order your wedding invitations:

First Step: ORDER!

You can order your wedding invitations through our website, or contact us to kick off a custom order. Then, the timeline below begins after your order is paid in full!

Week 1-2: Design time!

It typically takes 1-2 weeks to work together to get the design for your invitations 100% perfect and to your exact liking. We want you to be 1000% jumping for joy, texting the pic to all your friends, PUMPED about your design, and we won't stop until it's that way! We are happy to email, call on the phone, or set up a Google Hangouts meeting to go over your designs.

Wedding invitation design on Adobe InDesign

We use Adobe InDesign to create most of our invitation designs, and we own the commercial licenses to all of our fonts and artwork.

Week 2-3: Print! Cut! Package! 

After you officially sign off on your designs, it takes about 10 business days for us to print, cut, package, and ship out your wedding invitation order. 

sustainable packaging wedding invitation shipping

Week 3-4: At your door!

Your invitations will arrive beautifully and meticulously wrapped. We typically ship via USPS priority mail shipping, but you can choose whichever you'd like. 

You will also receive two extra invitations - one to give to your photographer and one to keep as a keepsake!

OH SH*&$((#T, I need invitations sooner! 

Of course, rush handling is offered but it's quite the pretty penny, so the best option is to order at least a month before you plan to send them out. Rush shipping & handling fees are between $40-$200 extra but at the end of the day if it is an emergency, we can get you your invitations designed, printed, and at your door in under 7 calendar days. Contact us and we can get started!