Commitment to Sustainability

We Neutralize our Carbon Output

Every month, we estimate our carbon output, subtract the carbon produced by the number of trees we donated, and purchase carbon credits to make up the difference

No Single Use Plastic

Plastic is used constantly in our everyday life, when in many cases it's entirely unnecessary. We've analyzed all of the areas that plastic may touch our business, and are striving to use renewable resources instead, or eliminate the need altogether. Here are some ways we've eliminated our use of single use plastic:

    • We use water activated paper tape for our shipping. It's actually 3 times stronger than paper tape

    • Our printer specifically works with us to not shrink wrap any of our orders. Instead we re-use cardboard containers that we return to our printer each week, and we wrap your order in 100% post consumer recycled tissue paper 

Our Designs Minimize Resources

In 'reduce, reuse, recycle', I'd argue that 'reduce' is the most important aspect for our business. Recycling still uses a substantial amount of carbon, and you can't exactly reuse a wedding invitation so easily.

100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper

We use 100% post consumer recycled paper for our stationery, packaging, and even down to our ribbon and shipping labels. We work hard to source all our paper products from responsible independent companies.