7 New Year's Resolutions I'm Making in 2021

7 New Year's Resolutions I'm Making in 2021


Happy 2021, friends! Even though the world has decided that 2021 will be no different than 2020 thus far, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good time to reflect on our own personal lives and create goals to take us into the New Year. In times like these, it’s important to remember that we are still in control of certain things! Take control of what you can control and create some resolutions to stick to!



Do I own a stationery company? Yes. Am I admittedly bad at actually using said stationery to write letters to people? Also yes. But there’s nothing better than going to your mailbox and seeing a handwritten letter from a friend or family member. My friends write me letters all the time, especially in quarantine. It makes me feel so good so I’m REALLY trying to return the favor more this year and just write random letters to friends for fun in my free time! 

   Letter Writing Gift Box, $16


Austin is filled with such amazing parks, including Zilker Park, Mueller’s Lake Park, Common’s Ford, and dozens more. We’ve even resorted to picnics on various parking garage rooftops over this past year! Socially distant picnics is how we’ve celebrated birthdays, promotions, wedding showers, and just random Saturday afternoons. Remembering to schedule these hangouts even though it’s a bit different than meeting up for happy hour is super important to maintaining close friendships. 


As an entrepreneur - heck even as a mom, teacher, homeowner, whatever you are - there are certain tasks you can break up throughout the month and do them each at the same time each month. For example, I plan my instagram on the 12th, pay my artists on the 4th, do photoshoots on the 20th, etc. Of course this is altered on a monthly basis if you have travels, commitments, etc. but breaking down monthly tasks by day has been by far the easiest way to ensure I tackle all of the monthly business-as-usual (BAU) tasks that come up for my business. 


I have some BIG dreams for 2021 but hopes and dreams is NOT a strategy. Let me repeat that for the people in the back: HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY. Break your goals up by quarter - no, 9 months from now is not too long of a time horizon to plan something. My goals this year include:

  • Getting Tori Leigh Stationery into stores

  • Creating a wedding planner referral program to get more wedding business

  • Creating more partnerships with corporate clients

  • Hiring my first assistant or intern

  • Building an office in the new house I’m building with a shipping and packing station

Do you think I’m planning to do this all in January and February? Heck to the no. These goals are all separated into quarters throughout the year so that I can focus on one at a time. Big goals require big planning! 



I’ll be the first to admit, getting involved in the community when everything is virtual honestly can seem like a waste sometimes. It can be hard to commit yourself to a cause that right now, doesn’t seem tangible. This is why I’m renewing my sense of purpose in 2021 for my roles in local nonprofits. I do LOVE the nonprofits I’m involved in, and I feel like I let them slip in 2020. I’m giving myself grace but stepping right back up to the plate in 2021. There are a lot of outdoor and virtual opportunities out there that will truly make you feel connected to your community, I promise! And if you’re a young professional in Austin, I urge you to sign up for Austin Young Women’s Alliance, or the Young Men’s Business League

Volunteering at
Travis Heights Christian Outreach in South Austin



Litterless has a great guide to where to compost in each state that can be found here! In Austin, we are SO lucky that the city has special compost collection each week, but in New York I had to drop it off on Wednesday mornings on my way to the subway through GrowNYC. Luckily it was still on the way! Maybe adding monthly compost drop-off into your monthly task list that I mentioned above would be a good way to ensure that you’re planning to fit this into your schedule!

A GrowNYC compost dropoff site in my old home, New York City


If you haven’t heard about my obsession with my weekly farm box, then you should consider yourself lucky. I LOVE the concept of supporting super local, organic produce, so in December I started getting a weekly produce subscription box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden in East Austin, a mere 21 miles from my front door. In addition to my beloved farm box, My goal is to get as much meat, eggs, and other produce locally at the Downtown Austin Farmers Market on Saurdays. It’s outdoors and super socially distanced! A few of my favorite vendors include:

My favorite booth at the Downtown Austin Farmer's Market

I know this was a lot, but these are truly 12 areas I’m really, really trying to work on in 2021. I love goal planning and New Years resolutions so much, it really feels like a time to reset, and establish my intentions going forward. Are you the kind of person who loves resolutions? Either way, I hope you found this information useful!

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